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How This Fundraiser Works:

  • I supply the posters & tickets
  • You sell the tickets
  • We have a great night of Family Entertainment
  • YOU MAKE A % of the sales!!!

There is no Risk!!!

This is the Easiest Fundraiser Ever......a great family evening of Hypnosis , Magic, Or dancing, Plus Laughter & Fun!!!

  1. Call to secure the date. Michael Oddo travels all across the U.S. with his fundraiser show. There are only 52 weeks in the call today!

  2. You will receive full color posters and custom printed tickets for your event. Tickets are easily sold to family members - Mom & Dad, Brother & Sister, Grandma & Grandpa.

  3. You tell the students about this fun filled evening of entertainment and give each one a sheet of tickets.........make sure and tell them whoever sells the most tickets for this fundraiser will receive a prize of some sort.

  4. The suggested ticket price is $7 to $15 per person, depending on your local area. EXAMPLE: In a school of 200 students, if everyone sold one sheet of six tickets for the price of $7.00 each, that would be $42 X 200=$8400 gross. This gross amount is splits say on a 50/50 your school would receive 50% - $4200. Many students will sell more than one sheet to win the Contest!!!

  5. Don't forget about Corporate Sponsors who want to show their support. These are local businesses that will buy blocks of tickets to hand out to their customers. They will purchase blocks of 30, 60, 90 or more!!!

  6. The day of the fundraiser show, set up chairs in the auditorium as suggested in our guidelines. There also needs to be ticket sales available that night.

  7. The fundraiser show lasts approximately one hour. You can have an intermission, if you like and open a snack bar or have a Bake Sale.....just more profit for your group!


For more details Please Call 330-701-4647 for more details.

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